Repatterning Eating Habits


Brenna and my guides,

I know I eat when I’m in a “negative” space: sooth myself when anxious, add a layer of protection, and also to distract.
But I also eat when I’m excited and feeling good. It feels in the same vibration as the negative eating. Kind of calming? What’s up with that?

BRENNA AND GUIDES:  Sarah, We are pleased to connect with you in this forum,

We see into your situation; the desire to eat when one is not hungry; due to feeling good and excited, is a habit born of tradition. Most of this imprinting and programing stems from the time of childhood, a teaching from your Mother. This was the way to celebrate feeling good and other joyful events in your life.

If it feels like something you would like to change in yourself, you could substitute other ways to celebrate. To change a habit, it takes desire, repetition, focus, encouragement and time.

The medium suggests using the video classroom: 5 Minute Power Meditation For New Futures

Just like when a baby is weaning off mothers milk. Mother teaches him to substitute a pacifier, or maybe the child begins to suck their thumb or even begins to rock herself it sleep. Soon, nursing is a thing of the past. On and on, as humans grow, they learn to reprogram and repattern their movements all through their life.

You may decide to offer yourself a new alternative pattern. Within a short amount of time your new habit will be established and comfortable to you.

As a note to the readers: We would like to mention there are other reasons some individuals would be drawn to habitually eat when excited or feeling good. Some people may feel the need to comfort themselves with food due to lack of self-worth, guilt and because they feel that they do not deserve to be happy and feeling good. For this issue: the medium recommends the video classroom

We welcome any other questions you would be curious about.

With great Love and respect,

Your Guides and B

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