How To Manifest With Kundalini Energy


Sarah:  I’m jumping in line here but have another question for when it’s my turn. Well lots of questions. 

Brenna was chatting about kundalini manifesting today. My lineage has been blocked there for generations and I’m healing it. But- I’m a pretty good manifestor now so how have I been manifesting? I think I’ve been more in my head and like superman- zeroing in on shit I want. Yes?

Can you tell me more about kundalini manifesting. I have lots of shit I want! Like this crazy cute snoop dog pillow at urban outfitters that is $60 and I want it to go on sale. And some new boots, lots of boots. And a MILF body. But a normal body not the weird ones where the moms look like all they do is workout.

BRENNA:  Kundalini manifesting: Yes!!!!! I Love this question! I will answer it by myself.

First you all will need to find your own way to generate your Kundalini flow to the point of ecstasy.

When the kundalini has reached the point where you see the truth; that you are the same as God/Goddess, then you make the command of what you are ready to create.

You see in your mind’s eye that you will gestate this desire from a womb, it can-but doesn’t have to exist inside your body, it can be outside of you. This is how Gaia created Earth.

After your command, there will be the time of gestation, it will continue to grow in your womb (so to speak). It will be up to you to give it proper nutrition, encouragement, and welcome it into your world.

After your creation is manifest, you can use the energy of appreciation and gratitude to fuel your next creation. On and on, with your joyful heart, you will continue to create whatever you desire, for eternity.

You may enjoy the video classroom

I Love You!

Brenna and Your Guides

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