How Can I Stop Being So Judgmental And Hard On Myself?


Phoenix Rising: How can I stop being so judgmental and hard on myself? It causes a lot of stress and anxiety which then turns into a vicious cycle of self loathing. How can I stop pushing so hard? (Trying to be a good Mommy, a good partner, a good person, a good business woman)

Also, please add I am always always trying to be a good friend! And I have a lot of judgement on myself because I feel like a lot of my friends think that I have dropped off the face of the earth because I had a baby. And that feeling sucks.

B and Guides: Greetings Phoenix Rising, it is splendid to connect with you here in the forum.

You are learning much about the mechanics of judgement in your lifetime.

Do you remember the ways that your parents exercised judgement in your home when you were a child?

These will be your imprints that you create in your own world today. You will naturally pass imprints on to next generations, like your family before you has, and you will magnetically be creating this in most of your life situations.

How do you demagnetize this vortex of judgement karma?

Lets look at why humans deploy judgement. To create safety. To feel safe from being afraid, fearful, feeling alone, disconnected, shameful, guilt-ridden.

Why are humans full of fear and feel disconnected to Source? It started with a thought, a belief that they were separate from Source. However: it is quite the contrary.

It is most probable, if you reprogram the imprint of “being afraid, fearful, feeling alone, disconnected, shameful, guilt-ridden”, you will create a new magnetic pull to you. Your world will be experienced in a whole new bright perspective.

You may want to examine all the ways that you could cultivate unconditional love towards your own self. If you are bright with Love towards yourself, you will transcend the negative imprints you have inherited from your family.

Ask yourself, can I love myself if __________ ? (and you fill in the blanks) some examples would be, can I love myself if I am overweight, unorganized, messy or in a bad mood? If the answer is no, you may want to begin to offer unconditional love to yourself.

If a one could begin to unconditionally love everything about their own self, that love will shine forth to all of their energy bodies. They will notice that their life feels brighter and lighter. The whole life will change becoming more harmonious. It all starts with loving yourself without conditions.

We do hope you feel free to reply if you have any more questions on this subject,
B and the Guides

Brenna suggests exploring the guided meditation called “EMOTIONAL CLEANSING: 7 Minutes For Daily Relief

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